This course is for : beginner

Average time Duration : 15 days (2hrs)

Learn how to build a website or blog in WordPress with this course. In these courses, youll learn how to install WordPress and configure it for SEO and publish your images and posts with the open-source WordPress content management system.

Course outline

Getting started

Installing WordPress
Custom installation
One-click installation
Logging in to WordPress

The WordPress dashboard

Screen options
Customizing your dashboard
Editing your profile
Logging out
Must have WordPress plugins

Updating WordPress

Updating plugins, and themes

Posts in WordPress

Difference between posts and pages
Creating a new post
Visual and HTML editor

Adding media

Inserting a gallery
Full screen editing
Categories and tags
Using custom fields
Previewing, publishing, and saving

Editing an existing post

Quick edit
Deleting and viewing a post
Changing post status and visibility
Permalinks and shortlinks

Media in WordPress

The library
Scaling and cropping images
Media metadata
Uploading media

Adding Links in WordPress

Adding links
Link categories

Pages in WordPress

Adding, editing, and deleting pages
Page attributes
Parent pages
Ordering pages


Enabling and disabling comments
Setting default behaviors for comments
Viewing comment
Comment approval process
Dealing with spam
Deleting comments


Installing and managing themes
Appearance Editor
Editing the CSS files

WordPress Plugins

What are plugins?
Finding plugins
Installing plugins
Activating and deactivating plugins
Editing plugin settings
Deleting plugins

WordPress Users

Adding, editing, and deleting users
User roles and permissions

WordPress tools

Importing content from another site
Exporting your WordPress data

WordPress Settings

General settings
Changing the site title and tagline
Changing your URL
Using a different homepage
Updating the admin email address
Changing time zones
Date/Time formats

Writing settings

Changing the post box size
Using emoticons
Changing default post and links
Post to your site via email
Remote publishing

Reading settings

Changing default page behaviors

Discussion settings

Default article and comment settings
Comment moderation settings

Media settings

Image sizing
Embedding media
Changing the default folder for uploaded files
Privacy settings
Permalink settings
Photo Album configuration
Overview of WordPress theme customization