GitHub is the world’s largest code repository. By examining how languages are used on GitHub, one may gain insight into the popularity of programming languages among developers and learn about each language’s distinctive qualities. 

Programming languages are the skeleton on which software development is built. Therefore, it is critical to have a strong understanding of programming languages to pursue a technology career. GitHut is an attempt to showcase and study the diversity of programming languages used in GitHub repositories. GitHub’s GitHut is a location to learn about languages on the platform. GitHut 2.0 is an attempt to continue the work on

This article has compiled a list of the top ten programming languages used by GitHub repo contributors in 2021.


For a long time, JavaScript was the most widely used programming language. Around 4 million developers joined the community in the last year, by far the biggest growth rate across all languages in absolute terms. In the last six months alone, upwards of 2.5 million developers have joined. Even in software domains where JavaScript is not a top choice for developers, such as data science or embedded programming, the survey found that approximately a fourth of developers use it in their projects.


Python has long been one of the top ten most popular programming languages. One of the decade’s most popular programming languages, Python has risen to second place as the top programming language used by GitHub repo contributors in 2021. Python is also a critical and rapidly expanding programming language for machine learning and data research. Python programmers have exploded in popularity due to the language’s simple syntax and library support. 


Java has been the third most popular language used by contributors on GitHub for the last two years. James Gosling invented Java, another object-oriented programming language, released for the first time on May 23, 1995. While Java shares certain low-level features with C and C++, it is primarily a high-level language used for client-server web applications.


This year is the first time the Go programming language has been included in the list of GitHub contributors most widely used programming languages. Go is a Google-developed statically typed, compiled programming language. It is an excellent choice for a language since it is lightweight, open-source, and well-suited for today’s microservices designs.


TypeScript is a Microsoft-developed open-source programming language that is one of the fastest-growing. It offers all of the functionality found in JavaScript, plus some new features like the enumeration type and floating numbers. Microsoft released TypeScript 4.0 with performance-enhancing features earlier this year.


Programming in C++, a widely used language, has climbed to sixth place on the top languages used by GitHub repo contributors. C++ is a widely-used general-purpose programming language that may create operating systems, games, and more. However, the language had seen an increase in ranking since last year, when it reached sixth place. This year, Flashlight: Facebook introduces a machine learning library written in C++.


Ruby is a general-purpose, interpreted, high-level programming language, a dynamic, open-source programming language with a strong emphasis on ease of use and productivity. It features an attractive syntax that is both easy to read and write. This year, it climbed to seventh place on the most popular programming languages used by GitHub contributors.


PHP, or Hypertext Preprocessor Language, is one of the most frequently used open source general-purpose scripting languages. Last year, the language was ranked fourth. Additionally, it has won the eighth position as the most frequently used language among GitHub repo contributors this year. PHP is used to create static web pages, dynamic websites, and web apps.


C# is a type-safe, object-oriented programming language derived from the C family of languages. According to the Stack Overflow Developers report 2020, the language is also popular and beloved. Microsoft recently released .NET 5.0, the latest major edition of its .NET development platform, including a new version of the C# language, C# 9. C#, or See Sharp, has risen to fifth place in the last two years. However, it has risen to ninth place among the top ten languages this year.


C is one of the most extensively utilised programming languages. C was ranked eighth last year but has gone down to tenth among GitHub repo contributors in 2021. It is utilised in various applications, including generating and building databases, creating compilers, and developing IoT apps.What Do You Think?


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