• To acquaint the participants with the knowledge of streamlining the analysis and highlight their implications efficiently using smart visualizations (without any coding)
  • To apprise the participants of the usage of GUI based data analytics techniques and helping those becoming experts in communicating business-relevant implications of data analysis.
  • To familiarize the participants with the knowledge as to how without incorporating any coding techniques, they can structure the data and align it with the expectations of various stakeholders.
  • To acquaint the participants with the knowledge of connecting & creating interactions among disparate data sets, designing summaries & visuals to further use them for business decision making.
  • To accustom the participants to the knowledge of creating persuasive business stories from data points and presenting them in the form of storyboards and dashboards for easy comprehension.


  • Introduction to Data Summariza- tion & visualization
  • Need of visualization and visualiza- tion types
  • Understanding visualization context and accordingly select the visual types
  • Cognitive vs Perceptual Design Principles


  • Visualization Design Principles & Standards (Best Practices)
  • Visualization Challenges
  • Ineffective vs Effective Visuals
  • Visualization Data Models & varia- bles, Visualization Tools
  • Introduction to the data visualiza- tion software Tableau
  • The Tableau Interface
  • Distributing and Publishing on Tableau
  • Getting Started with Tableau


  • Managing Metadata
  • Establishing data connections in Tableau
  • Importing data in Tableau
  • Tableau data types
  • Data Preparation with Text and Excel Files
  • Preparing tables for analysis in Tableau
  • Types of Joins in Tableau
  • Joins, Cross Joins
  • Data Blending


  • Tableau connecting to PDFs, Cubes
  • Introduction to Visual Analytics
  • Drill down the Hierarchies
  • Sorting, Grouping & Creating Sets in Tableau
  • Filters & Parameters


  • Table calculations (Quick & Custom)
  • Data Visualization case studies from Marketing, HR, Operations, Finance and e-commerce & telecom domain
  • Expert Interaction


  • Advanced Calculations
  • Aggregation, Granularity, and Ratio Calculations
  • Date & Time, Logic, String, Time, Number calculations
  • Fixing incorrect sorts
  • Integrate R & Tableau
  • Charts & Graphs – Bollinger, Bump, Control, Funnel, Pareto Charts


  • Forecasting, Clustering and Time series analysis
  • Mapping and geo-mapping
  • Editing Unrecognized locations
  • Spatial Files
  • Custom Geocoding
  • Web Authoring


  • Dashboards & Storyboards
  • Formatting Tooltips, Trend lines, Reference Lines
  • Creating first Dashboard in Tableau
  • Creating Interactive dashboards
  • Designing and Publishing Dash- boards
  • Introduction to business story- board
  • Principles of designing business storyboard
  • Why stories are important in business
  • Creating a Storyboard
  • Assessment & Feedback