Module No Topic
Module 1 Introduction to HTML 5 & CSS 3
HTML Tags Basic understanding of CSS Lab Session
Module 2 Introduction to PHP 7
Learn the new features of PHP 7 Configure PHP 7 (XAMPP/WAMP) Use Form Handling Use Variables and Expressions Use various types of operators Explain usage of scalar type declarations in programs Use conditional and flow control statements Use functions Create and use arrays Lab Session
Module 3 Form Handling
Understanding GET, POST & REQUEST methods Handling Form events Sanitize and validate form data. Encryption techniques Protecting form data from SQL / URL injections Lab Session
Module 4 MySQL Database
Introduction to database management (RDBMS) Preparing SQL Query statements
Database connectivity
DML Operations using MySQLi
MySQL Joins, Between, IN, LIMIT operators Lab Session
Module 5 State Management
Use cookies & Perform session management Lab Session
Module 6 File Uploading
File upload & download in server View and delete uploaded file Lab Session
Module 7 JavaScript, jQuery and Ajax
Basic understanding of JavaScript Understanding of DOM Variable declarations Use conditional and flow control statements Use functions Event Handling Data Validation Introduction to jQuery Implement Ajax using PHP Lab Session
Module 8 PHP OOP
OOP Concepts New features in OOP Objects, Classes, Method & Properties Polymorphism, Inheritance, Use of Static and final keywords Constructors & Destructors
Module 9 Advance Topics
Features of Laravel Understanding MVC Architecture Install Laravel Understanding Routers, Controllers and Model Eloquent ORM Sending Email
Module 10 Implementation and developing a project