What you’ll learn

Understand the concepts of Linux Install Linux on a virtual machine

Perform directory and file operations like creating a new directory/file, renaming a file etc

searching like a pro in Linux Use pipe operator l

understand user and permissions Install software on linux

configure network DHCP and static IP addresses write basic bash scripts

Manage processes and services in Linux

Understand the basic concepts of networking in Linux with commands such as nmcli

How to manage Firewall in Linux

Basic Troubleshooting techniques for a Linux system

Various log files and how to analyze log files on a Linux machine Requirements

Basic knowledge of computers Computer with internet access Administrator rights to install software


In this course , i will help you master the basic concepts of Linux and then we will start on a journey together to master Linux. We will cover the following topics on our way

Open source License model

Common terms like repo, distro, package etc. Installation of Linux

Basic commands

Files and Directory operations List

Various text editors in Linux Managing Security in Linux

Users Groups Permissions

Commonly used tools and utilities Search using grep and find Pipe

Compress and decompress files in Linux Crontab

Installing applications on a Linux System. Network configurations on Linux

Basics of Bash scripting Troubleshooting basics

Identifying and resolving disk space issues Analyzing log files

As part of the course exercise we will mount a new hard drive on our Linux machine and then we will finish the course by installing and configuring a LAMP(Apache web server, MySQL database server, PHP) stack on Linux servers.


–Linux Installation

Create your first virtual machine and install Ubuntu Linux Overview of Ubuntu Desktop

–Command Line Basics

Overview of Linux Shell Accessing help in shell

Files in Linux : Everything is a File!! Reading contents of files

Understanding VI – The default text editor

VIM and Nano – adding more text editing features Directories in Linux

Navigating the directory structure in Linux


Grep : Search like an expert in Linux How to use find command

Redirect like a genius!!

How to use Pipe operator in Linux crontab

How to Compress and decompress files in Linux

–Applications, Processes and Services Install an application

Install MySQL server on Linux Managing Services using Systemctl How manage processes in linux

Linux Boot Process

–Basics of Networking in Linux Linux Networking

Managing Firewall in Linux

–Troubleshooting your linux environment Troubleshooting disk space issues Troubleshooting network related issues Analyzing log files

–Basics of Shell Scripting in linux

How to write and execute a basic shell script How to use IF conditions in your scripts

–Lab Excercises

How to mount a new hard drive on a Linux machine

How to install LAMP(Apache, MySQL and PHP) stack on Linux

How to upgrade Ubuntu 18.04 BionicBeaver to 19.04 DiscoDingo

+Bonus section 4 lectures

How to install git and clone course repository using git Basics of Automation

Basics of DevOps

Basics of Configuration management

+Project : Setup an Ansible Lab using Virtual Box 6 lectures

Lab setup

Establishing connectivity in our lab Install required software in our lab Setup passwordless ssh

VirtualBox for Beginners 01:42