This course is for : Beginner

Average time Duration : 3 Month (2hrs/day)

This course familiarize students with the ins and outs of basic JavaScript and then move on to advanced tools for adding really useful interactivity to a Web site as quickly and easily as possible with the help of prewritten jQuery libraries.


Students should feel comfortable with HTML and CSS to get the most from this course. Class discussions are geared toward intermediate and advanced computer users.

Course outline

  1. Introduction to JavaScript : Introductions, motivation: web developer, orientation, Introduction, browsers, web editors, version control, standards, JS History, Dynamic (JS enabled) vs. Static web sites, Front-End “big three” : HTML, CSS and JavaScript!, Training Environment, Editors, Where to place your JS Code? And Using CodePen, Webkit’s Web Inspector, Tracking down errors, JS versions (EcmaScript5 and EcmaScript6), Browser Support for ES6
  2. Variable, Value, Data type, Operators and Expressions : Comments, Variables: and let keyword, Statements, Value, JS Keywords, Primitive Data types, Non-Primitive Data types, Type of Operators, Understanding Expressions
  3. Arrays, Decision making and Loops : String, Arrays, If Statement, If-Else Statement, If-Else-IF ladder and Nested If Statements, Switch, Handling repetitive tasks with loops, For Loop, While and Do-While Loop
  4. Functions, Variable Scope and Objects : What is Function?, Calling a Function, Parameters and default parameters, Scope of Variables: block level scope(ES6), Predefined Functions, What is Objects?, Elements and Properties, Accessing an Object’s properties and methods, onstructor and this keyword, Date and Math Objects
  5. The Browser Environment : BOM (Browser Object Model), Window.* properties, DOM (document object model), Accessing DOM Nodes, Modifying DOM Nodes, Creating and Removing Nodes
  6. Events and Event Handling : What are Events?, Listen to Events, Event Handling, HTML5 Forms and Input tag (form validation), Get and Post methods
  7. What is New in ES6 : Constants, Scoping: block scope variables and functions, Arrow functions, Extended Parameter Handling, Template Literals, Enhanced Object Properties, Restructuring Assignment, Class Definition and Inheritance, Symbol Type, Iterators & For-Of Operator, Generators, Typed Arrays, New Built-in Methods, Promises, Internationalization & Localization
  8. JQuery : What is jQuery?, Structure of jQuery, Using jQuery and including .js file to HTML, Type of Selectors, Handling Events with jQuery,
  9. Filtering, Searching and Effects : Selectors Recap, Element and ID Selectors, jQuery DOM Traversal, jQuery DOM Manipulation, jQuery Effects (…)
  10. APIs : Geo-location, Local Storage, Session Storage, History
  11. AJAX and JQuery : Itroduction to AJAX, Asynchronous access to remote data, GET HTTP request, AJAX Load, Send Data, Callback Handlers, Change AJAX data type, Status Codes, JSON?, Accessing and Consuming remote JSON Data
  12. HTML5 Forms and JQuery UI : Understanding Forms , Adding Smarts to Your Forms, Form Validation, Validation Tutorial, Updating Database Table Values, Introduction to jQuery UI, Animation and Special Effects
  13. Final Project.