This course is for : beginner

Average time Duration : 1 Month (2hrs/day)

This course is designed for professionals who are interested in adding web design to their creative skill set. No previous experience with HTML or CSS is required.

What you’ll learn in this training course

  • Understanding the Importance of Web Design
  • Planning Your Website
  • Choosing Web Design Tools
  • Working with Graphics, Color and Transparency
  • Using CSS for Formatting Text
  • Creating Layouts with CSS
  • Introduction to Interactivity and Media

Course outline

  1. Importance of good web design : ROI ,Usability, Web Standards and its benefits, How Web pages work, Internet, Hosting, Service providers, Web page content, History
  2. Planning process : Wireframing, Storyboarding, Information Architecture, UX design considerations
  3. WEB DESIGN TOOLS : Text editors, Visual editors, Root folders
  4. Fundamentals of HTML XHTML, and CSS : Structure (HTML) and Style (CSS) ,Aesthetic value of grid layouts, Realities of grid layouts on the web
  5. Graphics, color, and transparency : Using graphics, File size, Format, Image editors, Understanding web color space, Platform differences in color, Best formats for graphics with color
  6. Using CSS for formatting text : Creating CSS for text formatting, Defining information hierarchy, Importance of styles for SEO
  7. Creating layouts with CSS : Using DIVs as containers, Creating an ID style, ID vs. class styles for DIV tags, Absolute positioning ,Styling DIVs, Borders, background colors, padding ,Integrating background images, Understanding overlap and z-index ,Using relative position, Creating a wireframe layout, Adding the float and clear properties, Adding and formatting content
  8. Introduction to interactivity and multimedia : JavaScript, Video, Audio, Designing for mobile & devices , Introduction to HTML5