This course is for : beginner

Average time Duration : 2 Month (40 Min theory +50 min Lab/lecture)

In this course, Students will have complete hands-on training on all popular design applications used in print mediums, special classes based on Typography, Colour Sense will expand the knowledge of students towards the aesthetics.

Course Details

1. Digital Illustrations

Visual communication, Laws of Design.
Scribbling layouts.
Vector Illustration.
Vector Vs. Raster.
Creating Illustrations through Wacom device.
Colour Schemes and Colour Theories.
Gestalt Psychology of Design.
Hierarchy of importance in a design.
Packaging Design.
Case Studies and Project.

2. Advanced Digital Imaging

Advanced Raster techniques.
Creating collages and masks.
Digital Paintings and Matt Paintings.
Image correction techniques for DSLR images.
Designing Brochures, Catalogues and Newspapers.
Designing for publications.
How Advertising agency works.
Case studies and Projects.

3. Layouts for Publication Design, Prepress & Production

Layouts based on international typesetting rules.
LPI Vs. DPI. File Formats
Fonts management in PCs and Macs.
Form Creation for offset.
Printing mediums.
Preparing files for prepress.
PS vs PDF, Editing PDF.
Trapping & Overprinting.
Paper sizing.
CD Printing.
Post Press.
Costing methods.

4.Portfolio Design

Branding exercises including logos and stationaries
Social Design campaign
Designing for packaging
Digital Painting & Matt Painting collection
Artworks for Advertising
Design Concepts & Symbolism through graphic design
Typography projects
Symbols & Icon Design
Design for Publications
Information Design
Printing- Process, strategy and costing