As the world of technology continues to change rapidly. demand for professionals with IT skills has never been higher.

With technology roles dominating the lists of ‘best jobs’ or ‘most in demand jobs’ for the future, we look at some of the most in demand tech skills for 2021 which will help both increase your demand in the tech market and your value as an employee.

What are computer skills?

Computer skills are abilities related to using and creating computers. Computer skills range from being able to use email to assembling motherboards.

Computer skills can be categorized into two groups: software skills and hardware skills.

Software skills involve using computer programs like Microsoft Office, whereas hardware skills relate to building and fixing a computer and its various parts.

Below is a comprehensive list of computer skills (both hardware skills and software skills). If you have any of these technical skills and they’re relevant to the job you want, list them in the skills section of your resume or mention them in your work experience section. Make sure you learn how to list them on your resume properly too!

Foundational Computer Skills

Web Tools

Software Skills

Hardware Skills


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